It’s been a while since my last post. A lot has happened. 

We now have another member of the family – Iris Orlaith. She was born in May. She’s absolutely beautiful. Really likes a cry though 🙂 I feel a lot older starting with this little one. I seem to get tired a lot quicker. I think also though, when Sebastian was born he had that many hospital appointments/visits that we didn’t get time to think about how tired we were. This one has been a lot more relaxed and I feel pretty knackered. 

Before finding out I was pregnant with this little one, we, unfortunately, lost a pregnancy. I found at my first scan that there was no heart beat. It’s a bit of a crappy thing to have to deal with and I think I have struggled a bit with it. It’s a bit of a taboo subject I’ve found. Not many people want to, or feel they can, talk about it. I wanted to talk to someone about it but found it hard to find someone who wanted to. I think there is also a certain expectation that you should just get on with things, that you don’t really have a right to feel upset. And people say some highly inappropriate/unhelpful things. 

But I don’t want to dwell on this when there are happy times with Iris. But I know I’ll always remember when the other one was due and will do something small to recognise the date each year. 

Moving on…..Sebastian is doing well at nursery. He’s still a little clumsy and my heart is in my mouth whenever I watch him try to run or climb things. He has days where he falls over quite a bit, which I think is affected by how tired he is. But he’s a beautiful boy. Full of love and cheekiness. 

Grace is perfect at school. She loves going and is getting on really well. She has been chosen to take part in a Sefton Schools dance show, so I’m looking forward to going to see that in a couple of weeks. She is great with Sebastian and Iris. She’s great with all children really. There is the odd little flash of teenagerness creeping in every now and then – I know it’s way too early. But she’s a good girl with a big heart. She wants to be a doctor or a vet, so I need to start saving!! She’s also developed a new obsession with cleaning – just not her own room 

All in all, we’re lucky to have these three little monkeys. I may not be saying this when they’re teenagers through!! 


2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Cassie, lovely to hear your story. I didn’t know about the ‘lost one’ so sad. Never give up trying to talk about it. I too had a ‘lost one’ but another baby a year later really helped – and yes, I do still think about it.
    Your little family is lovely. I remember when I had number 3, I had never experienced tiredness like it and poor Paul, sometimes only got fed because my friend reminded me – all part of life’s story.

    Look after yourself, James and the children. Looking forward to seeing you in August x x x

  2. Thanks for the update on your lovely family. I remember we were in Southport shortly after Grace was born. I loved holding her! Sorry we haven’t been back for awhile but, hopefully next year. Sebastian may be clumsy but he is so cute and I love his curly hair and big smiles! God has granted you Iris and three children will tired you , no doubt about it! Enjoy the precious time you have with them as they grow up so quickly!

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