Food for Real

I have a love of taking the children to “different” activities. Trying to keep two children entertained can be expensive unless you’re willing to do lots of research, find free activities and be willing to try new things.

I now spend hours scouring Twitter, Facebook and local websites looking for new things to try. Most of the time we end up in Liverpool. There’s tonnes of stuff going on.

This Sunday just gone (22nd) we went to Constellations on Greenland Street. I found Constellations by accident last year, walking around the Baltic Triangle. I heard some pretty cool tunes coming from somewhere and discovered this amazing outdoor space with a bar. This Sunday they were holding a Make and Produce event for the Food for Real Film Festival.


Grace made seed bombs and got some Sweet William seeds from the Toxteth Seed Library to plant with her new kiddies gardening tools.


There was lots of local produce on sale – honey, cheese, pies.


There was a vintage caravan called Poppy, selling tea and cakes.



Also a cooking demonstration from Love Food Hate Waste. They campaign to get you to throw out less food, by providing recipe inspiration for items that you ordinarily might think need binning.


It was an interesting afternoon and something different for the kiddies.



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