These Boots Were Made For Walking….


Yesterday we had a new appointment for Sebastian; this time with a community paediatrician from Alder Hey. As he is now getting too old to remain under the care of the paediatrician he saw at Liverpool Women’s, he will now start seeing the community one more regularly.

 She was generally quite pleased with how he is developing but her main concern is with his not walking yet. When he stands, he tends to put his weight on the inside of his feet and his ankles are bending inwards. He also curls his toes under. He is not yet walking, though he is able to stand and move himself along whilst holding onto things. She has recommended referring him to occupational health and he may have to have some special boots made to help train his ankles and toes into the correct standing position.

 So yet another appointment and a bit of a setback, but we shall see what happens. He has another appointment with his physiotherapist coming up soon and we shall also see what she says.

 If anyone knows anybody that has worn these types of boots before, I’d love to get in touch with them. I don’t know anything about them – what they look like, how long they tend to be worn for, whether they have the desired effect etc.

 Thank you.


3 thoughts on “These Boots Were Made For Walking….

  1. It’s good news really. Picking up a potential problem and starting therapy to stop it being a problem. I know more appointments can be a pain but don’t you just love our NHS for making it all possible x

  2. Hi Cassie – Geraldine used to have special shoes from the hospital when she was little – maybe send her a message on facebook. Love the picture! xx

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