These Boots Were Made For Walking….


Yesterday we had a new appointment for Sebastian; this time with a community paediatrician from Alder Hey. As he is now getting too old to remain under the care of the paediatrician he saw at Liverpool Women’s, he will now start seeing the community one more regularly.

 She was generally quite pleased with how he is developing but her main concern is with his not walking yet. When he stands, he tends to put his weight on the inside of his feet and his ankles are bending inwards. He also curls his toes under. He is not yet walking, though he is able to stand and move himself along whilst holding onto things. She has recommended referring him to occupational health and he may have to have some special boots made to help train his ankles and toes into the correct standing position.

 So yet another appointment and a bit of a setback, but we shall see what happens. He has another appointment with his physiotherapist coming up soon and we shall also see what she says.

 If anyone knows anybody that has worn these types of boots before, I’d love to get in touch with them. I don’t know anything about them – what they look like, how long they tend to be worn for, whether they have the desired effect etc.

 Thank you.


The Lonely Bouquet

On Sunday (11th), Grace and I (with a couple of secret helpers) took out some Lonely Bouquets and left them in different places for people to find.



I first saw it on Instagram and tracked it back to the Fleuropean blog. I loved the idea of it and thought it was a nice little thing to do. Grace also thought it sounded fun too.

So we made up some little bouquets:



And went on our travels leaving them around:



Grace thought it was great fun having to sneak around, leaving them. We’ll definitely be doing it again.

Happy New Year

I’m a little late but………….Happy 2015!! I hope you are all having a good start to the year. We are back from a restful break in Wales. It was good to spend time out in the fresh air. The kiddies had fun and they slept better too.

Now it’s back to reality.

This year I have made a few resolutions/things to do. None of them are massively important, just little things to help me enjoy the year. This is my list:

  1. Tick more things off Grace’s “50 Things to Do Before You’re 11¾” list. This is run by the National Trust and is a great way of getting your children to spend more time outside. There are lots of fun activities and when you upload what they’ve done to the website, there are certificates and stars to earn.
  2. Write more letters. I love receiving nice mail. I hate the bills and junk mail that drops through our door. It’s nice to receive something that puts a smile on your face. So I’m going to send out random little letter parcels to friends and family. Postcards/pictures/ideas that have made me think of that person or thought that they would like to receive it.
  3. Take part in ‘The Lonely Bouquet’. This makes me smile too. The idea is you leave a little bunch of flowers with an ‘adopt me’ note on for someone to find. This idea was started by Fleuropean and you can read more about it here.
  4. Remember to take the book list to book club!!! Since I started the book club, I don’t think I have once remembered to take along the list. If anyone would like to come along, by the way, please get in touch. Only if you’re prepared to eat cake though. It is usually held at Mad Hatter’s Tea Pot in Ainsdale. They do delicious homemade cakes and a pretty tasty goat’s cheese panini. It is run by the lovely Chloe and her husband.
  5. Start running. I am such a fatty at the moment. I have bought a pair of barefoot running shoes and I am ready to go.
  6. Start a book review site. This is kind of linked into starting the book club, I guess. I like reading, so may as well do some reviewing. I have been sent my first manuscript to review. 26 Miles To The Moon by Andrew Males. You can read more about it here and pre-order a copy here. Your pre-orders will help him get his book published.
  7. Keep a journal. I need to start using up the ridiculous amounts of notebooks I have. I can also keep a note of where we’ve been and what we’ve done.
  8. Get the children more involved in the amazing free (and some paid) activities that go on in Liverpool at the Tate, Walker Art Gallery, The Bluecoat, to name but a few. I want them to do more interesting things. I’ve also emailed The Guardian’s Children’s Book Reviews for Grace to become a reviewers. Hopefully they’ll say yes!!
  9. I saw this photo on Papered Thoughts Instagram site. She types little love notes to leave in her city. I thought these were really sweet and maybe something to try here. I like how they are done on a typewriter too. Unfortunately, I don’t have a typewriter but I do have the Hanx Writer app on my iPad which I absolutely love! You should try it.
  10. I’m just adding this…………buy a typewriter.

If anyone else has any interesting resolutions or things to try, I’d love to hear them. You can either comment on here or send the links to my Bump’s Brain Facebook page so everyone can see them.

Happy January everyone.