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Things I Will Teach My Children

I read a blog post by Day Dreaming In Ink which was published on HuffPost Women called 101 Things I Will Teach My Daughter. I liked the idea and thought I would write my own for Grace and then do the same for Seabass. I’m doing it in two parts for each of them.

So, here goes, my part one of two for Grace………

1. Be kind.
2. Being a teenage girl is hard. But I promise I will always try to understand, if you’ll let me.
3. Read lots. Sometimes there’s nothing better than losing yourself in a book.
4. Make sure it’s a book though, not a Kindle.
5. Always buy a new Christmas pair of pyjamas each year. 
6. The fleecier and snugglier, the better.
7. See the world and make lots of friends.
8. Don’t take drugs – you’re too smart for any of that nonsense.
9. Always pick the mismatched outfits that you do now. You make them look cool.
10. Like my sister taught me…………..go charity shopping. 
11. You get so much stuff (most of it unnecessary) for your money.
12. Always love your brother as much as you do now.
13. Laugh until you cry.
14. Don’t spend your life on a diet.
15. Always be polite. Unless some muppet is being rude to you. Then you have my permission to give them an articulate, but strongly worded, reply.
16. Stand up for what you believe in.
17. Make people smile when they’re sad.
18. Be better at handling people when they’re sick than I am.
19. Dance barefoot in parks like you did in the summer of 2014.
20. Try new things (legal.)
21. Don’t be a McDonalds kid. 
22. Hanging around outside there, eating a cheeseburger, definitely isn’t cool.
23. Be with someone who makes you 100% happy.
24. And who treats you 100% right.
25. If you don’t want to go to university, then that’s fine. 
26. If art and music are more important to you than maths and science, that’s fine too. 
27. Just make sure you still put the effort in.
28. Find a record player, get grandad’s records, and listen to them at high volume.
29. If I have to go to the latest boy band concert with you, that’s ok. 
30. But I promise you, you’ll get over it.
31. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not capable of doing something.
32. Some women don’t grow out of b*tching. So don’t be a part of it. You’re better than that.
33. Watch old movies. They used to make black and white ones you know?!
34. Don’t ever let anyone tell you the Rat Pack or Louis Prima weren’t cool!!!
35. Please keep up the family tradition of having Just A Gigolo and Angelina as our songs.
36. Museums, libraries and art galleries rule.
37. Find a bookshop that will wrap your books in brown paper and string.
38. Love hot chocolate.
39. Remember there’s always room for cake.
40. And Greek food.
41. Your Auntie Sophie and your grandad’s Greek lamb is delicious. Learn how to make both.
42. Learn how to make my grandma’s coconut cake. Then make loads and share it with people who are unaware of its amazingness.
43. Wear fairy wings, just because you feel like it.
44. Take pictures of everything, so you never forget anything.
45. Coke Zero is rubbish.
46. Always drink water and wear sunscreen – you’ve got your grandma to thank for that.
47. You can never have too much stationery.
48. Write letters.
49. Buy a typewriter.
50. You are beautiful.

Part two to follow.