Little Superstar

I have been extremely bad recently at keeping the blog updated. Work and life seem to have gotten in the way. But, as was pointed out to me a couple of days ago, I should keep updating because knowing how Seabass is progressing could help people in the future.

Seabass is 14 months now. He is amazing. He’s such a beautiful, happy and smiley baby. He is not yet crawling but other than that he pretty much does what he is meant to. 

We had a Neuro appointment yesterday which went well. Everything seems to be on track. He still sees his paediatrician every 6 months, a physiotherapist every couple of months and also a community based service called Portage who come out every week or so to play with him and see how he is developing. He has a lot of support which is great.

He is a huge flirt. He likes to tilt his head and blow kisses at the ladies whilst shouting “iya” repeatedly. 

He loves to eat. Absolutely anything really. In fact, he can be quite a snobby eater – prefers houmous instead of butter on his sandwiches. Likes olives and focaccia as a snack. It’s great, though sometimes annoying when he ear piercingly screams for food.

Tinker Bell still continues to be amazing with her little bro. She’s a definite mother hen with him. I sometimes feel defunct. She also manages to patronise me quite a lot about what I should and shouldn’t be doing. She definitely thinks there should be some sort of role reversal with me and her. Seabass loves her to bits though so that’s great. 

Tinker Bell is going into Year 2 of school tomorrow which is scary. Time is certainly flying.

Hope you are all ok.

Lots of love.