Hospital Updates

So we have had two appointments for Seabass over the last week and both have gone well. 

The paediatrician couldn’t believe how well he was doing, even asking if he had the correct patient’s notes. We don’t need to see the paediatrician for another couple of months. He will keep an eye on Seabass’s development as, although he is doing really well, there are no guarantees as to what his future development will be like. 

We are now on our way back from the neurosurgeon appointment. Again, they were pleased with how he is doing. His head measurements are now just below the top centile whereas before they were above. 

We’re very pleased with how the little man is doing. Little fighting superstar. 

Just goes to show, you should think very long and hard when problems are detected during pregnancy. Don’t necessarily believe the worst. Some babies defy the odds 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Hospital Updates

  1. It’s so wonderful to read what a super little boy Seabass is and how well he’s doing. When one thinks back to those very dark times a year ago, and what was suggested to you then, it’s really scary… How courageous you were!
    I’ve been following your blog since you started it. I’ve followed the twists and turns of your amazing story, and marveled at how you’ve kept going and, for the most part, managed to keep your sunny and optimistic spirit.
    I didn’t used to be a believer. Perhaps like you (?) I saw God rather, if he existed at all, as someone who visited our difficulties and troubles on us. But now I see that it’s much more complicated than that. And that, when we suffer, Jesus suffers with us. And that makes all the difference.
    May 2014 be a MUCH better year for you, and may little Seabass grow strong and continue to be a big source of joy in your lives. God bless you!

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