Hospital Updates

So we have had two appointments for Seabass over the last week and both have gone well. 

The paediatrician couldn’t believe how well he was doing, even asking if he had the correct patient’s notes. We don’t need to see the paediatrician for another couple of months. He will keep an eye on Seabass’s development as, although he is doing really well, there are no guarantees as to what his future development will be like. 

We are now on our way back from the neurosurgeon appointment. Again, they were pleased with how he is doing. His head measurements are now just below the top centile whereas before they were above. 

We’re very pleased with how the little man is doing. Little fighting superstar. 

Just goes to show, you should think very long and hard when problems are detected during pregnancy. Don’t necessarily believe the worst. Some babies defy the odds 🙂 


New Year, New Me :-)

It’s been a while since I wrote anything, so thought I should check in. 

Seabass is continuing to do well and is still the most beautiful, happy little boy you ever did see. He brings the three of us so much happiness. I know it sounds stupid because he’s only 6 months, but you can tell he loves his family. He gets so excited and smiley when he sees us all. 

He has his two front bottom teeth now and says “dada” – I don’t know if he knows what he’s saying, but I like to pretend he does. 

We had a lovely first Christmas. Tinkerbell spent Christmas Eve with us before going to her dad’s. It was nice having Christmas morning together but it would have been nicer to have the whole day together. 

She still amazes me with how loving she is with Seabass. The novelty of a new baby hasn’t worn off in the slightest. He’s the first person she wants to see when she gets up and when she finishes school. She wants him to be everywhere with her. When we have tea she pulls his chair right next to hers, when she has a bath we have to take him up in his chair to sit with her, when she plays in her room he has to sit in there with her. She calls him “my gorgeous baby boy”. Sometimes it’s like she is the mum. When she comes into our room in the morning, she likes to read him Each Peach Pear Plum. I think we’re all a bit fed up of listening to it, but I still don’t want her to stop. 

I love my little family. 

2013 was a bit rubbish (apart from Seabass arriving safely and Mini Rose arriving too). We’ve had a tough time for various reasons, but I think (without sounding too big headed) we’ve got through it fairly well. We are hoping for a more positive and happy 2014, so if someone up there is listening then it’d be nice if there could be a break from the rubbish stuff for a while. 

Much love.