Annie’s Tea Rooms

Now I’ve never done one of these before, as it isn’t what the blog is about. However, I wanted to do a little mini review of the Tea Rooms we went to today as I absolutely loved it.

Annie’s Tea Rooms is on Endbutt Lane in Crosby. I was told about it on a course I was on last week. I’m quite fussy when it comes to tea rooms. In my opinion, tea rooms should have delicious sandwiches, homemade cakes, nice crockery/china and look a little bit vintagey. This ticked all four with the added bonus of genuinely, lovely staff.

We arrived with two prams, which in some places they make it obvious that we are inconveniencing them – we’ve been sent into a separate bar before, and been whispered about in another place. Not here, they opened the doors to help us in and moved some of the furniture around so we could sit down.

The décor is lovely, light and homely. The cakes are on display, making your mouth water, and you’re made to feel extremely welcome.



We all ordered paninis – which were delicious. You get a decent portion of salad and crisps with it and it is not unreasonably priced for what you get either.


We didn’t get the breakfast but the menu looked great. I’m definitely going to go back and sample it. I’m yet to find somewhere that does a really, good full English breakfast.

We were all stuffed after our food but when there is homemade cake in view, there’s always room to squeeze a slice in. I had carrot cake, my sister had bakewell tart and my future m-i-l had raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake. Yummy – that’s all I’ve got to say on it.


We were in there for about 2 hours as it was so nice to sit, chat, feed the babies, eat our food and not be rushed (despite people starting to queue at the door). I could have stayed and ordered my tea later on, but I don’t think they’re open late enough.

So if you ever fancy a trip out, try Annie’s Tea Rooms – you won’t be disappointed. Take a look at their site here.


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