Can I get a big, fat “yaaaaaaayyyyyy”, followed by a fist pump?!

The mighty Seabass has struck again!! We went for his MRI and neurosurgeon appointment today at Alder Hey. The cyst is now a quarter of the size it was and his brain has expanded and filled in the gap. The neurosurgeon is hoping he won’t suffer with his motor skills and it will only be behavioural/memory problems he may suffer from. I don’t care though. Boys are meant to be a bit cheeky anyway, right?! 

It’ll obviously still be an ongoing monitoring process to see how he progresses but considering less than eight months ago we were being asked what are views on abortion were, we have definitely come a long way!! I’m so glad we decided we could never go through with that. It doesn’t even bear thinking about. We are definitely proof that miracles can happen.

The little man spends a lot of his time smiling and chatting. He’s just beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Can I get a big, fat “yaaaaaaayyyyyy”, followed by a fist pump?!

  1. Cassie, that’s great news. Rob wants to call you Mighty Cass – you have such a good attitude. We are so proud of you. Looking forward to meeting Seabass x x x

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