Head’s Up

We went for Seabass’ check up at Alder Hey today.

I’m pleased to say that all appears to be ok and the shunt seems to be working. We have to go back in a month for an MRI to check the cyst, hopefully after that we won’t have to go so often.

Now we can concentrate on enjoying doing normal things with him and trying to catch up on some sleep – though I think some of us get their full 8 hours a night!!

So, for the fundraiser, I’m thinking of organising some sort of charity afternoon/evening with food, drinks, raffle etc. I think this will suit the majority of people then we can organise a sportier event for those who want to take part. I shall start making some enquiries. The majority of the money raised, we’d like to go to Alder Hey for the way they’ve looked after Seabass. Then there are a couple of other organisations we’d like to donate to. It’d be great to get as many people to come to the charity event as possible, so once a decision on the final event has been made I’d be grateful if you could spread the word.

Thank you again for all the support you’ve shown us.

Massive hugs and love to you xx


One thought on “Head’s Up

  1. I’m so glad you can all have a little bit of normality for the time being. I would love to attend your charity event, so when you know the details let us know.

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