Little Miracle & Little Superstar

Seabass has been back all afternoon following his op. All went well as far as we know. Apparently there was a lot of pressure in his head so it was good the shunt was fitted today.

He has been a little cranky – but who wouldn’t be after anaesthetic and 3 holes cut in them?! He is moving his eyes and looking around a lot better due to the relief in pressure. Hopefully once all the drugs wear off, he’ll feel a lot better in himself.

The staff here have been brilliant. They can’t do enough for you and they’re all so friendly. I’m thinking of moving in.

Hopefully we’ll be leaving tomorrow, then we’ll come back next week for a check up.

After our 20 week scan we were asked if we would consider a termination, I’m so glad we were dead against it. Our little man has been such a fighter and so much stronger than we thought he’d be. He’s done us all proud and hopefully will continue to keep being our little miracle.

We love him and Tinkerbell lots and can’t wait until they can play together. She’s so good at trying to help look after him. She’s a little superstar.

I’m glad we have our Little Miracle and Little Superstar.


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