Seabass Arrives

The little man made his appearance into the world on 22nd June and we were lucky enough to be able to bring him home, rather than having him rushed off to the children’s hospital. We’ve had almost 4 weeks at home with our beautiful boy now. Tinkerbell loves him and has been lovely with him which has been great. 
We visited the neurosurgeon a couple of weeks ago and she was happy for Seabass to remain at home and to wait until he was a bit older to perform any surgery. Unfortunately though his head measurements have increased a bit quicker than expected so we are now on our way to the hospital for Seabass to have some surgery. 
He is having endoscopic surgery to hopefully get the ventricle communicating with the cyst and get the fluid absorbing. If this doesn’t work then they’ll put a shunt in. 
Wish us luck. Will let you know how today goes. 

3 thoughts on “Seabass Arrives

  1. We are praying for Seabass and your whole family as you undergo this procedure today. God speed good health for the little guy. We love you, Cassie.

  2. Stand together as a complete family, and you will find an inner strength that you were unaware of.

    I hope and pray that things go well, and you find the resolve that you need to carry you through! G xx

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