Another update

We had an appointment with the Prof again on 3rd June. We’d been told on the phone it was an appointment to “plan the birth” and there was a possibility that he could decide to deliver on that day – clearly that didn’t happen because I’m writing this.

We were told (again, on the phone) that they were expecting there to be no complications with the birth and that Seabass would get to spend at least one night with me in the hospital before being transferred to the children’s one. There he would be monitored and what happens after that we just really don’t know.

When we went for the appointment on 3rd, we took all our hospital stuff with us. The whole time we’ve been told that delivery could be any time from 34 weeks. When the Prof did our scan and said there’d not been much change again and the Caesarian would be booked for 1st July, my heart sank. I know it’s better for Seabass, but I’d had it planned in my head that he’d be here by next week really and I just want him to get here so I know what we’re dealing with. I’m also quite possibly the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been (selfish to think of that I know). I can’t sleep, I have horrible backache and I get tired so quickly it’s just stupid. Poor Tinkerbell has got a pretty cr*p mum at the moment. 

We were told the baby doctors would be present at the birth and, assuming there’s nothing majorly wrong, we would get to say hello and give him cuddles but then he’d be taken for assessment. It was unclear as to whether he would spend the night on the neonatal unit or would come back to be with me. The OH gets to stay with him though 24/7 whilst he’s on neonatal and will be able to go with him to the children’s hospital, which I’m glad about. I was worried Seabass would be on his own as I know I have to spend at least 2 nights in the hospital, so didn’t know how manoeuvrable I would be.

I can’t actually see myself making it until 1st July, Seabass feels pretty low down and I keep getting lots of twinges, I was also two weeks early with Tinkerbell.

So the update so far is we have a pre-op on 28th June and Seabass will be here by 1st July. It’s taken me a while to write this as thinking about him being taken away from me (again, I know it’s for the best) just upsets me too much. Our baby should be in a cot next to me until its time for us to go home. Not attached to tubes waiting for brain surgery x


2 thoughts on “Another update

  1. You’re a brave girl and certainly not a cr*p mum. Don’t beat yourself up. Your situation is so far away from what most of us can even start to imagine that no-one will judge you. Just go with it. If you feel tired then you feel tired. Tinkerbell will understand, if not now then in the future. Use your ‘support mechanism’, your wonderful nearests and dearests. Just wish there was a magic pill for the pain and discomfort! It’ll all be over soon – which is very easy for me to say who’s never even got close to what you’re going through! But everyone’s thinking of you and sending positive vibes. xx

  2. Prayers are up for you and your family as you await the birth of you dear Seabass! Someday you will have to fill me in on how that name came to be! I know Tinkerbelle and the name suits her! Please know that all your friends and relatives are there and you are in very good hands. We anxiously await the next update on your blog.xx

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