Place your bets!

ImageWe decided on names for Bump quite a while ago, before we knew what we were having, and for some reason we nicknamed him Seabass before knowing if it was a boy or girl. I think we both subconsciously thought we were having a boy and gave him the nickname associated with our boy choice of names. The nickname has caused a few problems though – no-one in the family now will eat seabass because it feels wrong somehow. A bit like we’d be performing some sort of weird cannibalism.

When I heard there was a ‘Seabass’ running in the Grand National I decided to put a bet on, but then when I learnt he was favourite to win it was like a sign. Is it wrong to think that? 
I know logically the health of our baby will not be decided by whether or not a horse wins at the weekend, and I don’t normally believe in superstitious things or anything like that, but I’ll try anything at this point. If Seabass does win not only will I win a few £s but, more importantly, maybe it will be a sign and something good will happen at our hospital appointment next week. Either that or the horse will fall at the first hurdle (fence? I don’t do horseracing), my heart will sink and everyone will hate me for making me put their money on him – but I’m going to try and focus on the good for now.

So, even if you don’t normally bet but believe in signs, have a think about putting a couple of £s on and cheering for Seabass. You never know, it might just work.

(P.S. Just to cover my back, I don’t offer reimbursements if you do lose. It’s purely at your own risk.)

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One thought on “Place your bets!

  1. This morning I saw the list of runners and Seabass jumped out at me so I’ll put it on my list of three to back (oh, and I just drew 66/1 Forpadydeplastere in the work sweep – useless!).

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