Website confusion

ImageTrying to decide what information to put on the website is harder than I thought it would be. A lot of people that write about Arachnoid Cysts say that their doctors just tell them it’s “in their head” (excuse the pun). I don’t want the website to have a negative spin to it, as I don’t think it helps anyone. Also, as we’ve not experienced that negativity in the treatment we’ve been receiving, it’s hard to look at it how they do. I don’t doubt that what they write is true, but I want this website to be somewhere people can go for answers. Not a place where people just complain about their doctors. I want people to feel a bit more positive/hopeful when they have visited. The “medical” information that is written, a lot of it is hard to decipher. I don’t want people to be confused.

I don’t know whether it would be easier to try and get in touch with the Neurosurgeon and see if she would do a short email Q&A session with me. I’m sure she gets bombarded with questions though. I’d also like to try and get in touch with the two people I have mentioned in earlier blogs, whose stories were featured in the Daily Mail, and see if they’d be willing to do a Q&A with me too. Then I’d have some first-hand information to include on the site.

This is a more difficult task than I anticipated, but I’m determined to get it going. If it fails, then it fails – at least I will have tried. It’s also helping me feel better, so for selfish reasons as well I’m glad I’m doing it.


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