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ImageAs I’ve mentioned on my Facebook and Twitter statuses (is there a word for more than one status – stati?), I have started working on Bump’s Brain’s website. It is nice and bright – the template I used was set up for a cake shop (shocker!! Clearly I’m just drawn to cake). I have pages set up for ‘Home’, About Us, Information, Links to other organisations, Forum, a live ‘chat’ section, Contact Us. Depending on how it takes off, then I may look to see about setting it up as a charity and starting a fundraising section. Then any monies raised would be distributed to various organisations/hospitals etc, but it’s a little too early to look at that yet.

I just really don’t feel like there is enough help out there for people affected by Arachnoid Cysts. That’s not to say the professionals don’t care or offer as much help as possible, the treatment we are receiving has been brilliant. It still does help though to talk with people going through similar. Sometimes you just want a “normal” conversation about it, not a “medical” conversation about it.

Really hope the website does something to help with this. I want it to be user friendly and easy for children and teenagers to use, not just adults.

If anyone has any suggestions of what else should be included, ways to promote my site once it is finished, people you think may want to contribute a story or info to it then please let me know. All help and suggestions will be gratefully received.

In the meantime, thank you again to everyone for your support and kind words – it’s still what’s helping us get through all this.


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4 thoughts on “Website update

    1. Top secret that until official “preview date”. It’s not in a good enough state yet for people to look at. Once I’ve got it more organised, then I’m going to send the address to a select few (of which you’re one) to go over it with a fine tooth comb and basically pull it apart 🙂

      1. Great! Could do with talking to you about setting up a charity – not always the way to go and can be complicated but maybe we can have a chat about that when you’re ready. Watching the news from you and thinking of you x

  1. I think this is a wonderful idea and I am sure other people will think so too. I will join in any fundraising events you organise and will think about what we could do to raise money and also the profile of this condition. I agree that cake and chocolate are always good. XX
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