Quit looking at my head!!

imageIt was scan day today.

Good news and not so good news. I’ll start with the good – the cyst hasn’t grown and the grey matter of the brain seems to be progressing as normal. The bad news – according to the specialists who have looked at the MRI scan, the corpus callosum (which connects the two parts of the brain) appears to be missing which is a further complication. The professor of the fetal medicine unit thought at the last scan we had that he could see part of it and he wanted to look again today, but Bump has decided to bury his head right into my pelvis and, not satisfied with that, put his arms across his head to make it even more difficult to get a look at where it is. So the professor was unable to have another look, but we have to assume that it’s not there.

For now, we will carry on with the pregnancy as normal (or as normal as it can be). We will have another scan in four weeks and see how the cyst is growing (hopefully it’s not). From 34 weeks they will look at when is best to deliver Bump – weighing up whether is better to deliver him early and work on the cyst, or leave him in for as long as possible. Obviously the later they can deliver him, the better it is.

It looks like we won’t know how he is going to be affected. We will just continue to be monitored and we may not even know how he is going to be affected until he is born.

For now though, I am glad we have not had to have any further discussions about terminations. We’re just hoping the cyst doesn’t decide to go through a rapid growth spurt between now and our next scan.

I have got a delightful sinus infection, have lost my voice and have a water infection. I feel pretty crap so I’m glad Bump has managed to pull something out the bag today. The fact that its more likely we’re going to get to see his little face (he best have chubby cheeks though), is about the best news we could have hoped for today really.

Let’s just wait and see what the next four weeks brings.


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