Caerphilly tarts, Tinkerbell and love


Weekend is here. I love the weekend. Well, I do when I don’t feel like utter rubbish and when it’s not two days before scan day.

Tinkerbell was unwell all week with a horrible cold and infection in her nose/sinuses. She’s a lot better now, but has very kindly passed it onto me – much to her amusement. Although, yesterday when I came back from work she was crying because she’d hurt herself whilst in her bedroom trying to put on her doctor’s outfit so she could make me feel better. When I don’t feel well she tries to look after me – she strokes my face and puts a blanket over me. She is a little sweetie pie.

I went to her parents evening last night and she had such a glowing report. I was so proud of her. She was described as a little superstar who was just like a sponge wanting to absorb all the information she could. She has an amazing teacher and Tinkerbell loves her, to the point of pretending to be her sometimes – like at Christmas when she pretended to be the teacher and made us all do a Christmas show. My sister, mum and I had to pretend we were on stage singing Mr Sandman whilst Tinkerbell bossed us about.

Today I am having a bit of a pamper morning – a nice pedicure at the spa I go to. Then we’re off into town for present shopping (it’s Mothers Day tomorrow in case anyone has forgotten) and hopefully a big fat piece of cake from the lovely cafe.

My sister is making us all a yummy Mothers Day meal tomorrow – Caerphilly and leek tarts, followed by moussaka and then some rhubarb crumble to top it off. All made from scratch. My sister is the best sister EVER. Despite being even more pregnant than I am, she still looks after us all – even more so with what’s going on.

This weekend we are just going to try and chill out a bit before what could either turn out to be a more positive week or something potentially horrendous.

We have a lot of support around us at the moment – our parents (with my mum helping look after Tinkerbell when she was sick and I had to work), our siblings, the face of the barber shop (it’ll make sense to some), the rest of our families and friends. If this blog wasn’t anonymous I’d name you all. We do appreciate it a lot. Even though we’re sometimes grumpy (that’s me mainly, actually I think that’s just me, the boy doesn’t really do grumpy – so annoying sometimes), I don’t know what we’d do if you weren’t all here. So thank you very much and here’s hoping for some slightly more positive news on Monday.

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