Bad memory, bad hair!

So it would appear that someone has removed all of my memory cells over the last couple of weeks. I stand in the bathroom some mornings and think “Am I meant to be washing my hair? Did I do it last night? Why am I in here?”

I have also forgotten everything I’m meant to do in work, to the point of printing off my To Do List template to write things down so I don’t forget, and instead forgetting I’ve even printed off the list . I’m trying to weigh up what’s best – to give people a little information as to what’s going on, or just still not tell people and hope they don’t think I’m turning into a total loon. I feel if I tell people though, then it might come across like I’m trying to play on the situation.

Memory isn’t the only problem – I look ROUGH when I see myself in the mirror. In fact, someone said to me this morning that I look “rough as toast.” It’s not like I normally think I look that good that I’m going to be gracing the next cover of Vogue; but there’s a difference between putting a bit of effort into your appearance and just looking like you couldn’t be bothered opening the door to your house last night so slept in the hedge. My eyes are tired and a sort of strange colour of greyish/purple underneath (I’ve not been fighting) despite the concealer. My hair is inexplicable. My skin just looks plain weird. And I’m developing chocolate thighs. Right at this moment in time, though, I really don’t care. I’ll probably start caring when I look so dishevelled that my partner wakes up one morning, sees me and starts screaming in fright.


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