Whack it on full volume and “shake, shake”


This morning was a two chocolate bar morning in work. I feel very tired and a couple of people asked me how my 20 week scan had gone. Unfortunately, I did have a wobble and a bit of a cry.

Thankfully I finished at lunchtime today. So I drove back in the sunshine and decided to put some music on loud to drown out my thoughts and because music has the ability to make people smile.

For anyone that feels sad and wants to feel happy, if only for a few minutes, I highly recommend putting on “Shake It” by Metro Station and singing along.

Daughter (who I shall now refer to as Tinkerbell as she wants to be a fairy, though she did tell us not that long ago that when she grew up she wanted to dig and when asked what she was going to dig for, she replied with “cats”) and I used to have a Saturday morning dance off in the kitchen. We’d put on cheesy music and just dance like idiots until we couldn’t breathe. It seems to have stopped happening in recent months, so maybe I should bring back the dance off because it makes me smile. For a little while, at least, hopefully it’ll make me forget and stop stressing.


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