Work and chocolate.

It was the first day back at work today, after our “eventful” week last week.

I found it tough (4 chocolate bars worth of tough). I didn’t want to make a mass announcement about what was going on, as I don’t think I could stand all the “sympathy” looks. Also I didn’t want to give the gossipers something to stand at the top of the stairs chatting about in their hushed voices.

A few people asked me whether I had a “nice week off” and I don’t suppose it’s fair, despite almost doing it, to reply with “No actually, I didn’t. It was pretty much at the top there for worst week ever. How about you?”

This blog allows me to hide behind a computer screen and tell people what’s going on, without having to tell them face to face. I’ve never been one for talking; give me a pen/computer however, and I don’t shut up.

I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything else at the moment, just this and family. I don’t want to talk to people but, at the same time, don’t want to be on my own. I find the whole thing so confusing.

Have had one reply to my emails, with a link to a support network; and a few people have been kind enough to retweet my blog address for me.

Thank you to those that have sent out links to the blog and those that have commented. It really does mean a lot.

The 2 week countdown for the next scan started today. It seems like a lifetime away. I’m hoping that this time we’ll get a bet idea of what is going to happen, and not be left with a whole load more of questions which can’t yet be answered. Until then, I’ll just continue to eat chocolate and trawl the net.


One thought on “Work and chocolate.

  1. My wife and I had a similar experience many years ago. It takes a long time to adapt and during that time everything outside your own world seems unreal somehow.. We both wish you the very best and will continue to follow your blogs

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