It’s just one of those things.

Trying to find another person whose baby has this exact thing is starting to become my obsession. How can it be that rare? There must be someone.

I’ve written to more organisations and still not heard anything. Maybe its because their administrators don’t work at weekends and then come Monday I’ll be inundated with replies – I’m not hopeful though.

I don’t know why I can’t just accept it and get on with it, I think I need a reason as to why its happened/happening and some idea of what is likely to happen over the next few weeks. “It’s just one of those things” is not a good enough answer to me at the moment. How do I know it won’t happen again if we have another child?!

My daughter has symbrachydactyly on one of her hands, that was explained away as “just one of those things” after her having all kinds of tests. There’s a lot of information available on this though, and I’ve seen plenty of other people with it to varying degrees. She gets on with everything, she doesn’t know any different. She has occasionally asked me why she has a “little hand” but other than that she doesn’t seem to let it phase her.

We did have a slightly funny/distressing conversation about it a couple of months back:

Daughter: Did you cut my fingers off?

Me: What? No! Why would you think that?

Daughter: I’ve told my friends you did.

Me: Pardon? Well are you going to tell them I didn’t?

Daughter (with a bit of a sly smile): Nope!!

I’m glad she can joke about it sometimes though. She doesn’t really like talking about it or drawing attention to it, unless she brings it up. So we go about doing everything like it’s not there and then when she needs help, we help. I did worry that she might get picked on at school but all the children have been very accepting of it and I think it has only been mentioned a couple of times (even then only out of curiosity).

I think I worry that it is something I’ve done whilst pregnant, that my daughter, and now my unborn baby, have had problems. The professor at the hospital did laugh though and say that if he could link the two he would be “a very rich man” and its nothing I’ve done.

They have both been “just one of those things”.



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