Big Sister

Back to some normality today – being woken up by my daughter, watching the Disney channel and her request to “go for coffee” (despite her not actually drinking coffee, she goes for the sugary snacks).

I worry about how I’ll explain all this to her. For now I have decided that there is no point saying anything to her until we actually know what is happening. But how do you explain this to someone so young? I envisage another session of trawling the web looking for advice on how to deal with these situations.

She is excited to see Bump. She will be the best big sister. She is so loving. She has already reeled off a list of things that she’s going to do for him – feed him, play with him, help him read. She has drawn the line at changing nappies though, she said she’s leaving that to us.

Hope she gets to do them all xxImage


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