Neurosurgeon Day

The day has finally arrived when we meet with the neurosurgeon. Lot of mixed feelings about it – nervousness but also a feeling that we’ll be able to get some sort of perspective about things, start making plans, and, hopefully, at least try to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

We’ve thought of 26 questions to ask her so far. So I hope she hasn’t got plans for the evening. I shall be there with my pad and pen, writing everything down like a journalist. Maybe I should take a dictaphone?!

It’s a horrible unknown at the moment. Don’t really know what to do. We bought bump some clothes (he’ll be one dapper little boy) the other day in a bid to try and do something “normal” and we’ve been looking at prams. I still don’t feel right buying stuff though and I can’t get excited yet, I feel like I may jinx it.

Fingers crossed that today will help with that.


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