Fetal MRI Scan

We’ve just come back from the hospital after having the MRI scan. It was pretty uneventful really.

You have to wear loose clothing (preferably no zip up hoodies or anything), remove all jewellery and hair clips etc. You can’t take your watch in the room (the scanner will stop it, which I think is what worried my partner the most – goodness knows what would have happened had the Breitling stopped working!!!!); you also are not allowed to take in mobile phones etc.

They put a thing that looked like a big pretzel over my stomach then pushed me into the tube – which was the bit I hated the most. It is very claustrophobic. Fortunately, because they are scanning your stomach, they push you that far to the other end your head nearly comes out and you can see whoever comes into the room with you.

They ask you if you can feel your baby moving, once there is no movement you are asked to hold your breath for about 15 seconds whilst they do the pictures. They repeated this about four or five times. I think I was in the tube for approximately 20 minutes. You wear headphones, which is what the operators speak to you via.

Then they finished the scan, pulled me out of the tube and I was on my way.

My metal fillings weren’t ripped out of my mouth by the scanner like I feared they might be. I came away unscathed!!


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